How To Make Money While Blogging

Want to Blog? Make Money Blogging? You came to the right page.

First things first, I want to explain to you that
you can be as successful when you blog as the next person as long as you have patience and time. I mean let’s be honest, all the other sites out there say you’re going to make a crap ton of money and don’t explain how (I hate that).

I will start out with telling you a little bit about myself. I am 40-yrs old, family of two beautiful daughters (one on the way) and an awesomely understanding wife (I will get back to that later). I have a strong background in Information Technology and Web Design. I have done it all and have never been satisfied with what I wanted. So I started Fanatic Blogger, with great intentions to make a page I could bitch and complain about how other bloggers are showing and telling people how to make money and it doesn’t work. Then it clicked *light bulb*, instead of being the type of person I dislike the most, why not show how its really done!?! And be honest about the expectations on what is really going to happen. Like first, I am not going to show you a huge check like others do!

  1. My money is none of your business (not to be harsh)
  2. Most of the time, these players are only showing you a photo-shopped image
  3. They are only doing this to get more traffic to there site, which is good. But lying about it?

The Start – Blogging

When it comes to a blog and what you want to write about is your choice and there are several ways to do this. You can write about a niche or about yourself, what ever may toot your horn. Most people say you have to write about the latest niche.




Wireless D.I.Y Home Networking at a Budget


Wireless Home Network is considered a must have in 2018. With the Internet of Things and BYOD (Bring your own device, not beer) that are out there that can work with and on your network, having a wireless network is a must. So you think that buying a wireless router and plugging it to the wall is all you need to do? Well sure, if you want is done the ge*k – sq*ad way.  What I am going to show you is the right way to setup a wireless home network and to make sure its secure and the components that you can use to make your life a little easier in your house. I am going to walk through some simple steps to helping you setup a secure wireless home network.


I believe that before you can have a good home network you need a solid ISP (Internet Service Provider). I work with people on a daily basis that still have old school internet, Yes! dial up is still available. Though most of the people that still use dial up is for the main reason of transferring small amounts of data to another location. Normally email dumps. But as of last year AOL still had 2 million users, so its not dead yet. But I would never suggest getting that to anyone, there are way better providers with speeds that trump dial up by a thousand times.

I use a cable internet provider in my house, while this is the best way to get internet, besides FTH (Fiber To The Home). Some people also use DSL (Dedicated Service Line) but your limited to the amount of people that are using the same line on your street block. Back to cable internet, I have a provider that is ranked top in the nation for average consistent speeds of 200Mbps/20MBs



Niche Blogging

Niche Blogging is fast paced and unpredictable

Now these can be tricky, cause the moment you find one you darn well better be able to produce content for that niche! AND FAST! A niche will come and go faster than you can blink. But, if your good and you follow trends on the internet you can start the niche and make a mint off of it.

What is a Niche Blog?

A niche blog is normally pointed at a specialty item, age grNicheoup or geographical location, as talked about on wikipedia. This is the easiest way for me to explain it. Back when I grew up (80’s) a big niche was dance workout party videos. Yes we all can laugh at that, cause I am as I was typing it, but back in that day those videos made millions equals into billions in this day. I mean come on, Richard Simmons!  Nobody? Anyone? The point that I am making is that he found a niche, I have found a niche. Also there is nothing wrong with piggy backing on others ideas.

When you take an idea, you can make it your own. Like what I have done, I saw that I could make money blogging. Now I took what others had put out there and took what worked for me out of each areas and I put together a blog about it. Not stealing or plagiarizing is the only way to go, but taking that niche and making it your own with your own thoughts and ideas on what needs to be done is good. Even though half the time you run a plagiarism checker it comes up bad. Due to the fact that word combinations are caught and it says that its in use already.

But What Niche Should I Blog About?



Affiliate Marketing and Blogging

With Affiliate Marketing you can make a percentage of money off items other companies are selling. So if you have a website that has a lot of traffic this is also a good one for you. It works like how I have on the right side of this blog. I have links setup with my associate id embedded into the code that is provided to you. When someone clicks on that link and purchases one of the items you make a small percentage of that sale.

Now this all sounds simple but there are a few things that need to be done so that way you get accepted by both Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSence.affiliate-marketing_image

  1. Get your account setup with a company like Amazon Associates, they are great for selecting pretty much anything you can think of.
  2. Create your account and start selling – now if you have a store front and want to sell specifically Amazon product you can do so by creating an Amazon Store code to put into your blog page.

Before going all out remember what I said about being careful, you need to keep in mind that if you want best of all the worlds you need to keep this to a minimum so that way you get accepted by Google AdSense program. I have heard from others that they had to many other links and html banners in their site and was denied access to Google Adsense.





Digital or Your Product?

Your ProductPDF for showing_final

I added these two together cause they go hand and hand, digital or your product. Why? Because you can write an Ebook or a PDF (like what I do for news letter) and you can make money off that. Selling products from a wholesaler or an app that you may have created. By getting a newsletter together and sending that out in an e-mail format it drives traffic back to your site, in turn makes more money for you.
To the right of this I created an image that links to my making money blog, but the real intention is to show you what you can create with a little time and some free tools.

You can also create your very own Ebook that you can add to your mailing for people that sign up, but also to put on Amazon’s site to sell. If you think about it, you put your ebook on how to crochet for .99 cents. That book becomes an Amazon best seller and you get a million sales. Well you just made darn near $1 million dollars, yes there is a catch 22 to this as Amazon will want a little bit of that money (form my understanding) but shit, you created a book that sold a million copies.