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Digital or Your Product?


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I added these two together cause they go hand and hand, digital or your product. Why? Because you can write an Ebook or a PDF (like what I do for news letter) and you can make money off that. Selling products from a wholesaler or an app that you may have created. By getting a newsletter together and sending that out in an e-mail format it drives traffic back to your site, in turn makes more money for you.
To the right of this I created an image that links to my making money blog, but the real intention is to show you what you can create with a little time and some free tools.

You can also create your very own Ebook that you can add to your mailing for people that sign up, but also to put on Amazon’s site to sell. If you think about it, you put your ebook on how to crochet for .99 cents. That book becomes an Amazon best seller and you get a million sales. Well you just made darn near $1 million dollars, yes there is a catch 22 to this as Amazon will want a little bit of that money (from my understanding) but shit, you created a book that sold a million copies.

Now it goes back to a blog a put together when I stated that if you take the old information and make it fresh and add some new ideas into it, you just created another book. I know, I know, I make it sound easy! And by any means its not. You need the time and the patience to do this, and its a lot!


Digital Product

Don’t forget you have the option to sell digital products like music and downloads. I am not a big fan of these due to the laws and regulations and sometimes the amount of bandwidth this will take having people download from you. But there are people that may sell wordpress themes on their website and make a killing on the store front, again that is your choice on what you want to do.

Always keep in mind that you can chose as many things to add to your blog, but you have to also maintain this blog! And that is more time


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