How To Make Money While Blogging

 How To Make Money While Blogging

Want to Blog? Make Money Blogging



First things first, I want to explain to you that
you can be as successful when you blog as the next person as long as you have patience and time. I mean let’s be honest, all the other sites out there say you’re
going to make a shit ton of money and don’t explain how (I hate that).

I will start out with telling you a little bit about myself. I am 40-yrs old, family of two beautiful daughters and an awesomely understanding wife (I will get back to that later). I have a strong background in Information Technology and Web Design. I have done it all and have never been satisfied with what I wanted. So I started Fanatic Blogger, with great intentions to make a page I could bitch and complain about how other bloggers are showing and telling people how to make money and it doesn’t work. Then it clicked *light bulb*, instead of being the type of person I dislike the most, why not show how its really done!?! And be honest about the expectations on what is really going to happen. Like first, I am not going to show you a huge check like others do!

  1. My money is none of your business (not to be harsh)
  2. Most of the time, these players are only showing you a photo-shopped image
  3. They are only doing this to get more traffic to there site, which is good. But lying about it?

The Start – Blogging

When it comes to a blog and what you want to write about is your choice and there are several ways to do this. You can write about a niche or about yourself, what ever may toot your horn. Most people say you have to write about the latest niche. As we continue on with this trip down knowledge lane I will show the steps I use to this day to get people to my site, bring in fresh leads, how to monetize with Google AdSense, use Affiliate Linking, selling “your product” or a “digital product”and make your presence on google and other power listing sites.

Lets start with a few things:

  • Niche – This is going to be what is in style or what people are searching or what people want at the time of your blog. Now these can be tricky, cause the moment you find one you darn well better be able to produce content for that niche! AND FAST! A niche will come and go faster than you can blink. But, if your good and you follow trends on the internet you can start the niche and make a mint off of it. read more…….
  • Google AdSense – Here we have the god father of monetizing, Adsense has been around along time, I believe since 2003. Bloggers heaven right here, Google AdSense has been the money maker. But there are a few things you are going to need to do to make sure you are accepted into their program.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Another great one here, you can make a percentage of money off items other companies are selling. So if you have a website that has a lot of traffic this is also a good one for you. It works like how I have on the right side of this page. I have links setup with my associate id embedded into the code that is provided to you. When someone clicks on that link and purchases one of the items you make a small percentage of that sale. read more…….
  • Digital / Your Product – I added these two together cause they go hand and hand. Why? Because you can write an Ebook, PDF or News Letter (like what I do for news letter) and you can make money off that. Selling products from a wholesaler or an app that you may have created. By getting a newsletter together and sending that out drives traffic back to your site, in turn makes more money for you. read more…….


What next with Your Blog

Now that I have given the tools to use for your blog lets dip into this a little bit more. With a blog you need to take the time to think about what you want to do (ideas from above). I will go back to what I said from above “awesomely understanding wife”. Why I said that is due to the fact the amount of hours I have put into creating the money making blog. You will find a lot of people that state “build a blog and create a email-able PDF and poof, you have a $20,000 Google pay check and poof you have also just received a $5,000 Amazon paycheck”. There are very few instances where that actually worked. You would need a few things in place already.

  1. Website that already has a shit ton of traffic
  2. Mailings already in place (i.e. readers, customers)

And if you have these, then bless your heart. You are already ahead of the game! Now back to reality on Blogs!

I would say that I have put more hours into this blog than I have into last week of work. But don’t get SCARED, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So you put all the hours into keywords, adwords, affiliates and such. Now you need to look at the big picture, now that you have built the blog, you will only have to do minor updates and changes to meet the needs of your readers. So come this time next year I will update this with the newest content to meet the needs of my readers and keeping the blog looking nice and clean, with minimal time while making money.  Now to the next part.

Build A Blog

1. You need to start with a great web hosting company and I would suggest that you get one with SSD’s (Solid state hard drives). They are five times faster than an average hard drive and help load that website faster, and you shouldn’t need the help of a CDN (Content Delivery Network) like CloudFlare. Now I will tell you that I use cloudflare for my blog, but I didn’t just start this. You don’t need to go out and spend a bunch of money cause you are not going to get it back all at once.

I suggest a company like InMotion Hosting or Web Hosting Hub, these two have great speeds, even though there on shared servers they still compete with a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Both are great for WordPress and the speeds don’t lack like most of the competitors. I specifically use Inmotion Hosting and like I said before I build websites for companies and I swear by these guys. But that is my personal opinion! So now that you have the hosting for your WordPress site, Whats Next??

2. You need to find a great clean responsive theme, and by responsive I am talking about being able to be viewable on a desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. WordPress official site has several free. You can pay for the theme if you want. They run around $35-$60 a theme with free updates for a year or two. ThemeForest and Eligant Themes are two of the major contributors to wordpress themes, and they work great for a blog!

3. Think about what you want to monetize to make your money, and blog about it. Money Blog Money Blog, that is what I think about all the time. The more you blog the more money you make.

4. Automated emailers is a good thing. I use Mail Chimp and OptinMonster for my emailing, campaigns and window popups to get peoples attention (like what pops up on my site asking you “to sign up to my newsletter”). Now these are free up to certain amount of signups or readers and popup campaigns, then after that you need to pay. Both are really good at fair pricing when you do hit it big and have to pay for some services.

5. WordPress plugins are very helpful, like I stated with mail chimp and optinmonster they both have integration services for wordpress. Makes life really easy! And there are a few plugins that can speed up your website or what they call caching.


And once you have done all those and have a blog put together, wait and make money.

I hope this helps out everyone in there adventure in Blogging, and feel free to signup to the news letter or contact me on my site.

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