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Niche Blogging is fast paced and unpredictable

Now these can be tricky, cause the moment you find one you darn well better be able to produce content for that niche! AND FAST! A niche will come and go faster than you can blink. But, if your good and you follow trends on the internet you can start the niche and make a mint off of it.

What is a Niche Blog?

A niche blog is normally pointed at a specialty item, age grNicheoup or geographical location, as talked about on wikipedia. This is the easiest way for me to explain it. Back when I grew up (80’s) a big niche was dance workout party videos. Yes we all can laugh at that, cause I am as I was typing it, but back in that day those videos made millions equals into billions in this day. I mean come on, Richard Simmons!  Nobody? Anyone? The point that I am making is that he found a niche, I have found a niche. Also there is nothing wrong with piggy backing on others ideas.

When you take an idea, you can make it your own. Like what I have done, I saw that I could make money blogging. Now I took what others had put out there and took what worked for me out of each areas and I put together a blog about it. Not stealing or plagiarizing is the only way to go, but taking that niche and making it your own with your own thoughts and ideas on what needs to be done is good. Even though half the time you run a plagiarism checker it comes up bad. Due to the fact that word combinations are caught and it says that its in use already.

But What Niche Should I Blog About?

  1. Do you have a passion or a hobby that you always find yourself going back to at the end of the day? Right there could be your niche, and you could get paid while doing something you love.
  2. For the people out there that love to tell stories on FaceBook you could easily make some money then. I mean your gabbing away for hours anyways, why not put into a blog?
  3. You can also take your regular job and put it into a blog

Believe it or not but I can guarantee you that there is already a blog about the niche you where thinking about, but the cool thing is you can give it a new perspective and set of eyes. Add your own flare to it and make your own money blogging about your niche.


So grab your niche and put it on a blog and make some money with it!

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